Only The Sky Is the Limit – Data-Driven Facts On Modern Air Travel Madness

Guest author: Aleksandar Kovacevic

Intro: The image of the sky has changed drastically from when we were kids. Did you know that, depending on the time of the day or time of year, there could be anywhere from 8,000 to 20,000 planes mid-flight at any given moment? Nowadays, once you are in the air, you can go around the globe within a few hours. We are taking a look on some air travel madness facts in the following article.

Flying Around the World – 76 Times During the Busiest Day of the Year

In 2018, 12,233,980 British holidaymakers were among the 4.3 billion air travelers worldwide. In other words: almost 24-times the size of Manchester, if all citizens would have decided to go on vacation together. Those are a lot of planes flying around the globe each day! On the busiest day, regular passenger aircraft covered 3,049,819 kilometers, flying 76 times around the globe. This is also equal to flying to the moon 7,934 times, or if you were travelling to the sun, you would have covered 2% of the distance there! More impressive numbers on our air travel behavior is visualized on this infographic by Horizn:

More about travelling at Horizn Studios with this graphic.

Infographic uses current travel data to visualise what is going on at airports and in tourism in the space of one year.

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