OnePlus 6 with Snapdragon 845 to launch between April-June; no clarity on OnePlus 6T

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OnePlus 6 is coming and there are no two ways about it. The only question is when. Now, we even have an answer to that. The company chief Pete Lau has confirmed that their next device, powered by the Snapdragon 845, will launch in the second quarter of this year.

Last year, OnePlus had launched the OnePlus 5 in the month of June. This year we have a time-frame of April 1 to June 30. In an interview with CNET, during the ongoing CES 2018 Pete Lau disclosed this information about the next generation of flagships.

This year, the company is also planning to tie up with network carriers in United States which means OnePlus sales could skyrocket.

In India, the phone will be unveiled within a few days of its global launch. Last year, the launch of OnePlus 5T happened on June 22, two days after the global launch. The company had organized pop up events in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Following convention, India should get the device in June this year.

OnePlus 5T, the current flagship from the Chinese company is doing fairly well in the Indian market. It has also been frequenting headlines as the company has launched different variants of the device including one special Star Wars Edition and a recent Lava Red edition.

During the interview, the company chief also hinted that they might not launch a second flagship this year. Lau stated that he “wasn’t 100 percent sure if OnePlus would sell a second phone in 2018.”

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Since the launch of OnePlus 3T, the company has been coming up with mid-year updates to its flagship devices. OnePlus 5T seemed more than just an incremental update. The device brought OnePlus back to the competition with current flagships.

The 18:9 6-inch display gave it a much needed aesthetic overhaul to make the device feel more 2017-like. However, if OnePlus plans to let go of the mid-year update cycle, the company will have to build OnePlus 6 in a way that it stays relevant throughout the year. Since this is still a speculation, we’ll have to wait for any kind of official confirmation.




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