NFL Power Rankings 2019 – Lineups

New Orleans Saints1. New Orleans Saints

2018 Record: 13-3

The Saints fell just short of making the Super Bowl, and will return with a Hall of Fame quarterback, and a great core of players around him. It is a close call between them, Kansas City, and Los Angeles as the best returning all around squad. You could flip flop any of these teams without argument, but on both sides of the ball New Orleans come in strong.

Los Angeles Rams

2. Los Angeles Rams

2018 Record: 13-3

Los Angeles fell short in the Super Bowl, but have been one of the best teams in the league over the last few seasons. Sean McVay is a top tier coach, and they have one of the best defensive players in Aaron Donald. This offense should come back strong, and a few offseason moves on the defensive side can bring them right back to the Super Bowl.

New England Patriots

3. New England Patriots

2018 Record: 11-5

New England will return with the only two pieces that really matter, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. I refuse to rank them lower than other teams in the AFC, as they just continue to outsmart the rest of the league no matter how average their overall roster is. Sorry Chiefs fans, I know you will have something to say.

Kansas City Chiefs

4. Kansas City Chiefs

2018 Record: 12-4

There are some headlines to keep an eye out for, like the starting running back job, as Carlos Hyde just signed there. Tyreek Hill has some legal issues again, and overall the KC offense should still remain top five in 2019-2020. Defensively they lacked last season, and some offseason adjustments would push them into another tier for this year.

Los Angeles Chargers

5. Los Angeles Chargers

2018 Record: 12-4

The Chargers continue to pump out double-digit win seasons, only to disappoint in the postseason. It was another injury plagued season, but Los Angeles overcame it to end up with 12 wins. In a weakened AFC West they thrived, and have one of the best all-around teams in football. However, they still can’t get over that hump.

Indianpolis Colts

6. Indianapolis Colts

2018 Record: 10-6

The Colts were one of the big surprises last season, and have already approached free agency with caution despite the big payroll. The draft will dictate how this team moves on, but they are looking to change the ways that the franchise has had over the last decade or two. By that, I mean they are focusing on their offensive line and defense. AFC South is teetering at the moment, and Indy could jump ahead for years to come.

Chicago Bears

7. Chicago Bears

2018 Record: 12-4

I am not exactly sold on Mitch Trubisky, but he took a step forward last year. The defense was unbelievable, and your grandfather’s Bears look to be back. Finishing the season with 12 wins, they took what was expected to be a tough NFC North, yet surrounding teams dropped off a bit. The Bears have pieces on both sides of the ball, and now it will be about being consistent and making a run in the playoffs.

Cleveland Browns

9. Cleveland Browns

2018 Record: 7-8-1

How can I not be high on the Browns.Forget the past, well, few decades and look towards what they are building. Baker Mayfield is evolving into the leader of this team, and the addition of Odell Beckham Jr was a major add to an offense with a ton of weapons. They have struck gold with a few recent draft picks, and have a few this season to keep on building. With a new coaching regime in for a full year, I am excited.

Dallas Cowboys

10. Dallas Cowboys

2018 Record: 10-6

There is a lot to like about Dallas right now. You have three players on rookie contracts at your skill positions, and all three have flashed potential, or have been Pro Bowl caliber players. The offensive line is still a plus, and a few addition defensive pieces will be key in the offseason. Jaylon Smith also looked like the player he was drafted to be before the injury.

Houston Texans

11. Houston Texans

2018 Record: 11-5

Houston has a strong connection in the passing game, with DeShaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins. When Will Fuller is healthy, he takes this offense to the next level. However, he has hardly been healthy. The offensive line needs to be a major focus to protect their franchise quarterback. The secondary also was shredded at times last season. A few fixes, and Houston will be back to double-digit wins again.

Seattle Seahawks

12. Seattle Seahawks

2018 Record: 10-6

One of the rockier situations inside the top half of these rankings belongs to Seattle. Russell Wilson wants a new contract, and Doug Baldwin’s future looks to be in question. They lost Earl Thomas, but still have one of the better defenses in football. Wilson continues to carry this team, but they have fallen out of NFL’s elite.

Baltimore Ravens

13. Baltimore Ravens

2018 Record: 10-6

The turnover from Joe Flacco to Lamar Jackson happened mid-year, and they ended up taking this team to an AFC North title, but failed to make it out of the first round of the playoffs. Baltimore added Earl Thomas, who has been an elite safety when healthy. The defense is still inside the top ten, but Jackson is going to need to keep improving. This offense will be entirely too predictable if he doesn’t.

Green Bay Packers

14. Green Bay Packers

2018 Record: 6-9-1

I am a bit higher on Green Bay, despite the prior season of drama and inconsistency. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams is an elite pairing, and a coaching change was desperately needed. The defense was middling, and outside of Adams, Rodgers did not have many weapons. A few tweaks and a positive draft, this team can get back to being a 10-11 win team.

Minnesota Vikings

15. Minnesota Vikings

2018 Record: 8-7-1

Kirk Cousins was supposed to take this team to the promise land, and ended up fighting for their playoff lives till the very end. The offensive line was one of the worst in football, and defensively they slipped from dominating the last few seasons. Another year with Cousins and improved health with the line, Minnesota can get back to being a dominant football team.

Pittsburgh Steelers

16. Pittsburgh Steelers

2018 Record: 9-6-1

Cam Heyward and T.J. Watt are two strong defensive players, and they have a chance to build on the defensive side through the draft. James Conner played well in Le’Veon Bell’s holdout season. The quarterback stays the same, but Pittsburgh is now without Antonio Brown and Bell. JuJu Smith-Schuster is set to takeover as WR1 in Pittsburgh. Things could be worse huh?

Atlanta Falcons

17. Atlanta Falcons

2018 Record: 7-9

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Health really derailed the Falcons season from the start, as Ricardo Allen and Keanu Neal both went down early. You also had Devonta Freeman miss most of the season. When healthy, this is an underrated defense, and they still have one of the better QB-WR pairings in football. With only a few seasons left of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones at the top of their game, they will need to get moving.

Carolina Panthers

18. Carolina Panthers

2018 Record: 7-9

You always want to like Carolina more than you probably should. Cam Newton is coming off another bruising season, and needed offseason shoulder surgery. Christian McCaffrey was an amazing workhorse, and D.J. Moore stepped up late. A few additions on the defensive side, and another weapon for Newton, this team can get back to the playoffs.

Tennessee Titans

19. Tennessee Titans

2018 Record: 9-7

Marcus Mariota battled injuries again, and the Titans seemingly let themselves down with poor play calling. The defense was tremendous again, allowing under 20 points per game. Offensively they continue to struggle with identity, and have been whiffing on playmakers to pair with Mariota.

Jacksonville Jaguars

20. Jacksonville Jaguars

2018 Record: 5-11

Jacksonville struggled last season, which isn’t surprising when your star running back was injured and you have Blake Bortles under center. That is about to change, as Jacksonville signed Nick Foles to a long term deal. This should ignite the wideouts that have flashed potential in a bad situation. Defensively they still hold all the name value, even if they did drop a bit last season.

Denver Broncos

21. Denver Broncos

2018 Record: 6-10

Quarterbacks have to be fearful of Bradley Chubb and Von Miller. The defense is still very solid, but need to address some of the open secondary spots. Quarterback is still a mystery for this team, and their pass-catching options do not look as strong as prior years. Denver isn’t in a bad spot for 2019-2020, but need a couple hits in the draft and younger players to step up.

Detroit Lions

22. Detroit Lions

2018 Record: 6-10

Detroit continuously underperforms, and once again they have a roster that likely suits an 8-8 finish. Kenny Golladay is the lone playmaker with Golden Tate out of town. The running back spot continued to rotate, with no real plan in place. Darius Slay is one of the best corners in football, but their front seven needs some work moving forward.

San Francisco 49ers

23. San Francisco 49ers

2018 Record: 4-12

San Francisco was a fun team to watch despite Jimmy Garoppolo going down in the opening weeks with an ACL tear. If he gets back, we are looking at a more competitive 49ers team. They added Tevin Coleman, and have a top three pick in the draft. They look to be guaranteed an elite defensive player to bolster their front seven. We will continue to watch the 49ers rebuild.

Buffalo Bills

24. Buffalo Bills

2018 Record: 6-10

There were some shock wins for Buffalo, as they went 6-10 last season. Josh Allen established himself as an above average mobile quarterback, but the overall passing game needed work. Adding in some better playmakers should help out. Defensively, Buffalo has a strong secondary, but an aging front seven will leave them in need of some signings.

Oakland Raiders

25. Oakland Raiders

2018 Record: 4-12

Oakland is either going to move up about ten spots, or drop down to the bottom five when the season starts.They have a ton of draft picks to play with, and added Antonio Brown in the offseason. They need about everything under the sun when it comes to positional needs, so time will tell on the Oakland Raiders and their franchise direction.

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New York Jets

26. New York Jets

2018 Record: 4-12

The Jets landed Le’Veon Bell, which wasn’t a huge surprise given they were top five in cap space. Sam Darnold flashed some potential late, but the Jets have many positional needs to address. They are also guaranteed to get an elite defensive player from the draft, and an edge rusher is where they should go. Out of the AFC East teams, the Jets look to be getting in better shape.

Washington Redskins

27. Washington Redskins

2018 Record: 7-9

Losing Alex Smith was major for Washington, as they actually carried a good defense that kept them in games. Darius Guice also going down before the season started led them to using Adrian Peterson. A lot of the hope for this season comes down to them staying healthy. They are also in desperate need for more consistent production at the wide receiver position.

Cincinnati Bengals

28. Cincinnati Bengals

2018 Record: 6-10

Finally a turnover at the help with Marvin Lewis gone. There are a lot of strong names like Joe Mixon, A.J. Green, and Carlos Dunlap, but injuries and inconsistent play bit them in the end. Lets not forget the Bengals were clicking on offense early on, but injuries derailed them. This group can tweak things a bit and remain competitive, but they will need to start looking towards the future for quarterback.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2018 Record: 5-11

Bruce Arians is coming in, which gives us a lot of hope given the offense has so many weapons. Defensively this was one of the worst teams in football last season. It is going to come down to the play of Jameis Winston. This time is coming to a close, unless he can turn things around. A focus on defense and the offensive line, this team is a sneaky dark horse.

New York Giants

30. New York Giants

2018 Record: 5-11

New York opted to trade a world class wideout, getting Jabril Peppers and some picks in return. We will need to see what they do with them first, but overall the Giants are opting to use Eli Manning another year. That is not what you want to see as a Giants fan. Whether they go quarterback in the draft or not remains to be seen.

Miami Dolphins

31. Miami Dolphins

2018 Record: 7-9

Well, Miami finally got rid of Ryan Tannehill, which was a good start towards building the future product. There really isn’t a lot to like about this squad right now, and it is hard to see them duplicating seven wins. They have a group of young wideouts, yet none have really made a consistent impact. Ryan Fitzpatrick continues to fleece the league collecting paychecks.

Arizona Cardinals

32. Arizona Cardinals

2018 Record: 3-13

Arizona might be landing Kyler Murray first overall, and that would create a fun battle between Josh Rosen, if they keep him. David Johnson was just on a bad team with a bad game script week in and week out. Christian Kirk flashed potential when healthy, so you have some pieces here. The offensive line and defense are huge needs moving into next season.


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