News 4’s Andrew Baglini beats fundraising goal during 24 hour gaming marathon for charity

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Some loyal News 4 viewers may have noticed meteorologist wasn’t working his normal shifts this weekend. He was busy taking part in a 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for Oishei Children’s Hospital.

Starting at noon on Saturday, Baglini spent his weekend playing all the classic Nintendo games, going old school as a fundraiser for some of the youngest patients in Buffalo as part of this year’s Extra Life charity event.

“We’re live streaming, we’re playing video games, we’re doing this marathon, in an effort to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals,” Baglini explained.

This was Baglini’s first year taking part in the nationwide campaign, and he was able to make a difference doing something he loves.

Baglini is an avid videogamer when he’s not bringing us the weather forecasts, and he said he loved seeing the donations come in.

“Initially when I started streaming at noon on Saturday, it was my brothers and my dad, they came in and dropped a couple donations and that was really nice to get the ball rolling,” Baglini recalled. “But then we started getting random people, Western New Yorkers, and then some anonymous ones. Some as high as $200 dollars.”

“That’s just incredible,” he said.

Baglini says those donations really kept him going as it got tougher and tougher to power through the marathon gaming event.

“It becomes a little monotonous,” Baglini admitted. “And then especially around 2 a.m. when things start to get quiet, it gets a little lonely.”

When News 4 stopped by his home at hour 22 of the 24 hour push, Baglini was looking pretty worn down (Sorry, buddy!)

But, keep in mind, he hadn’t slept since Friday night, and he’d only had a few bathroom and snack breaks to power back up.

Still, Baglini says it was all worth it to raise money to help sick kids in our community.

“My first goal was going to be $500,” Baglini said. “After talking to News 4’s Erica Brecher (Andrew’s wife), she said go for a thousand. Western New Yorkers, they’re generous.”

Baglini was able to beat his $1,000 fundraising goal with hours to spare in this year’s Extra Life campaign, but donations continued to come in. At last check, he had raised more than $1,200 for Oishei Children’s Hospital.

If you’d still like to give, click here to donate.




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