New York Jets Saturday Spotlight: Super Bowl III

For this week’s edition of the weekly spotlight, we look at a special day. We are looking back at the New York Jets victory in Super Bowl III.

This week we have a special presentation of the New York Jets weekly spotlight.

Normally we talk about either a Jets player or coach that will play a major part in the upcoming game. This week it is going to be a little bit different.

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Jets only Super Bowl victory, when they beat none other than the Baltimore Colts in January of 1969. The team and the game will be honored on the field on Sunday.

We are going to be similar and honor them in the weekly spotlight.

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The 1968 Jets were dominant. They went 11-3, cruising to the AFL East title.

This season was highlighted by a famous game during the regular season, which came to be known as the “Heidi Game”.

For young fans that aren’t aware, this is a game that took place in November of that season against the Raiders in Oakland.

The Jets were winning the game late in the fourth quarter. However, the time of the game bled into when the NBC network was set to show the movie “Heidi”.

NBC tried to forward the instructions along to stay with the game, but the communication didn’t land and they went to the movie.

The Jets lost while the game was off the air.

However, that isn’t the biggest news of the 1968 season.

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After topping the Raiders in the AFL title, it was on to the Super Bowl to face the Baltimore Colts.

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Probably the most famous moment came prior to the game when quarterback Joe Namath was sitting poolside and guaranteed that the Jets would win the game. The Jets entered the game as 18 point underdogs.

Matt Snell scored from four yards out in the second quarter and the Jets never looked back. They kept the Colts off of the scoreboard until the fourth quarter and won the title by the score of 16-7.

This game was a landmark in the history of football. The NFL and AFL were set to merge, but even with that, most believed that the NFL had the superior players and teams. Nobody believed a team from the lowly AFL could be a team in the NFL.

The Jets changed all of that with the decisive victory in Super Bowl III. It will be a wonderful celebration on Sunday and it will be one that is absolutely deserved.

Jets fans get to celebrate once in a while.


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