New Developments Coming to the Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has been evolving tremendously in the past 70 years more so in the past two decades owing to the emergence of the internet and its offspring’s such as mobile technology. The gaming industry’s evolution is still ongoing as gaming entities have promised to release new developments in the not so distant future with the intention of changing gamer’s playing experience. In anticipation of the new developments, we have decided to pen this article which shares with all players some of these upcoming developments.

New Gaming Consoles

For many gamers, they made their entrance into the gaming industry using console. Despite the many evolutions that have taken place in the gaming industry, console gaming still holds its own. At the end of last year, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all released statements that they will be releasing new consoles. Nintendo stated that its console will allow players to play the incredible Pokémon Go game. Microsoft’s console will come integrated with a Netflix like streaming service dubbed Project XCloud. With Sony, well, players can expect PlayStation 5.

More Games Crossing Competitor Barriers

Sony and Microsoft have been rivalries in the gaming industry for quite a long time. For many years, it was virtually impossible for players to play the same game on Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox One. However, that changed with Fortnite. When Fortnite was released, players were able to enjoy the game on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and also on Microsoft’s Xbox One. Fortnite’s groundbreaking work in working on both Sony and Microsoft platforms seems to have paved the way for many other games. News coming out from various circles in the gaming world is that from the end of 2019 onwards, several games will be released that will be playable both on the Sony platforms as well as the Microsoft platforms.

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The Rise of Epic Games Store

Epic Games has been producing and releasing games for quite some time now. However, unlike its competitors such as Microsoft, it has never really been ‘selling’ its own games. That changed when it opened its Epic Games Store but since then, the store has failed to be as popular as the Microsoft Store. That, however, is likely going to change as it’s been reported that the company is planning to revamp its online store. The decision to revamp the store is partly necessitated by the huge success that Epic Games’ Fortnite game has enjoyed. With a revamped online store, Epic Games will be able to sell its own games. Not only this but other game suppliers may also use the Epic Games Store platform to market their own games such as those available at

Rise of Streaming Video Games

Google ushered in streaming video games with its Project Stream which was soon followed by Microsoft’s Project xCloud. However, despite its emergence, streaming video games haven’t really enticed a lot of gamers. That, however, is expected to change soon as Google released a statement saying its working on a new technology that will make its video game streaming service more user-friendly and affordable to its multitudes of players.


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