Netanyahu describes drones as ‘a true nightmare’ for Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described on Thursday the threat of drones against Israel as “a true nightmare,” adding that the country is currently working on inventing technological solutions to counter the “huge” challenge.



“You don’t need vast state apparatus, you don’t need the foreign intelligence services of superpowers, you don’t need anything,” the prime minister said, while delivering remarks at the first ever Global Forum in the Campaign Against Terror.


“You need this $50 contraption and 5 kilos of TNT attached to it” to reach to the White House, Netanyahu explained at the conference held in the Orient Jerusalem Hotel on the capital’s popular Emek Refa’im street.


PM Netanyahu speaks about security challenges facing Israel    (צילום: משה מזרחי)


“This distribution of technology has immense consequences that I think are not obviously understood. We’re working on it right now,” he said in the speech, which was delivered first in English and then in Hebrew.


“We have to think of how we can harness technology against this technology. We’re doing that in Israel, we’re developing this. I cannot tell you that we have solved this but I think that we could join hands as best as we can to try to address this challenge,” he stated optimistically, while warning of the gravity of the drone threat.


PM Netanyahu at the conference (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)

PM Netanyahu at the conference (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)


“It is huge. It is huge. And precisely because it is so small, it’s so huge. It’s a big one,” Netanyahu said, before moving onto the threat of cyber security and Israel’s contribution in the field.

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“Israel now accounts for 20 per cent of the global private investment in cybersecurity. That’s a lot, because given that we’re one tenth of one per cent of the world’s population, that’s 200 times our weight in the global population and we’re second only to the United States on this,” the prime minister boasted as he displayed on a PowerPoint presentation the Be’er Sheva Cyber Security Complex.


Despite the myriad security challenges facing the Jewish state, Netanyahu said that the country had struck an appropriate and delicate balance of simultaneously maintaining security and civil liberties.


 (Photo: Inbar Tvizer)

(Photo: Inbar Tvizer)


“I think few countries, if any, have been challenged continuously like us by war, by terror, by outright calls for our extermination, and yet there wasn’t a day, not an hour, not a moment or a second where Israel’s democracy was ever questioned,” he said.


“We maintained it rigorously by maintaining the twin poles of security and civil rights … security first, balance always,” he continued.


Turning to the issue of social media, the prime minister praised the benefits that have bloomed from the 20th century phenomenon, including enhanced international communication and its contribution to the overthrow of dictatorial regimes. However, he also highlighted the negative ramifications and the impact on terrorism.


 (Photo: Inbar Tvizer)

(Photo: Inbar Tvizer)


“It’s also a way to inspire hate and violence and extremism. Radical Islam is using it in obvious ways and they’re not the only ones,” he said.

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That said, he reiterated that Israel was developing algorithms and meshing technological solutions with police and IDF field experience to clamp down on terror-related threats emanating from social media, while facing the challenge “in the balance of having security and civil rights.”



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