NASA strategist held after police raid on his hotel


NASA strategist David Ndii is being linked to  plans to swear-in NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga on December 12, Jamhuri Day.

Dr Ndii  was last evening picked from a hotel in Diani in Kwale by armed men believed to be from the Flying Squad from Nairobi and detained at a local police station.


Truth be told, NASA coalition risks disintegrating

Coast Regional police commander Larry Kieng claimed he was not aware of the arrest or Dr Ndii’s whereabouts fueling reports that the state was concealing information or the men who arrested him were from outside the coastal region.

“I am not aware of any such arrest and I do not know where he is,” said Mr Kieng when contacted. Msambweni OCPD Joseph Chebusit also claimed he was not aware of the arrest adding; “that name is strange to me.”

Seven men

Last evening, sources told The Standard Dr Ndii was on vacation at Leopard Beach Hotel with his family from where he was picked at around 4pm by seven men who claimed that he was needed for questioning at Diani Police Station.

The officers later went back to the hotel and according to our sources; “turned the hotel upside down)

The Standard confirmed that although the officers who arrested Dr Ndii came from the Flying Squad and Special Crimes Prevention Unit, local police from Kwale coordinated the operation.

It is not clear when Dr Ndii arrived at the hotel or whether other NASA leaders were at the station.

The same sources told The Standard that there were plans to fly Dr Ndii to Nairobi..

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When you are sworn in forget State House, Kuria tells Raila

On Saturday, Dr Ndii had issued a statement saying the Opposition was “prepared to do everything it takes to attain electoral justice in the country.”

In his statement, Ndii said “plenty of alarming news will be flying in the next 10 days. Do not succumb to fear or intimidation. Stay sober and vigil. When the time comes. Come out and play your part. Assembly up and swear the People’s President.”

Dr Ndii has been appointed by the Opposition coalition to lead the proposed Peoples Assembly that spearheading the planned swearing-in.

Last evening, Mr Odinga’s daughter, Winnie, who was at the police station told The Standard that Dr Ndii was being held in seclusion and that the police “had refused to discuss the matter with visitors.”

“I went to the police station and tried to find out what was happening but the OCS refused to talk to me and just walked away,” said Winnie.

Winnie further said that at about 9.45 trucks believed from the Flying Squad swarmed the police station fueling suspicion that there was a plot to take Dr Ndii away to a different location.

And last night, Raila’s spokesman Dennis Onyango confirmed Dr Ndii’s arrest:  “David Ndii being taken to Diani police station from Leopard Beach Hotel in Kwale because of his appointment to  steer Peoples’ Assembly. The NASA leadership is in the picture,” Onyango said in a post on his FaceBook page.


Kenyans in diaspora support Raila’s swearing in

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