Mount Maunganui woman collects Lotto winnings

A woman didn't know she was carrying around a ticket worth $1million (file photo)


A woman didn’t know she was carrying around a ticket worth $1million (file photo)

A Mount Maunganui woman didn’t consider a Lotto ticket sitting in her wallet for nearly a week would be the winning one. 

The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, came forward on Thursday and claimed the $1million First Division prize from Saturday’s Lotto draw. 

She had popped into Bayfair Lotto when she was on a coffee date with a friend at the weekend. 

“I was in the neighbourhood meeting my friend when I thought I might as well pick up a ticket and try my luck. I put the ticket in my wallet and kind of forgot about it,” said the woman.

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The woman went about life as usual over the coming week, unaware that the little yellow ticket she was carrying in her wallet was worth $1m.

“I read about the $1m prize being won in Mount Maunganui when I was reading the news online after the draw, but I honestly didn’t think anything of it – let alone that the winner could be me,” laughed the winner.

“I just thought ‘lucky them – I hope that’ll be me one day’ and carried on reading.”

On Thursday she was out picking up groceries for dinner  when she remembered to check the ticket.

“I handed my ticket to the woman behind the counter and when she scanned it, she quietly said ‘come with me’ and led me into the back room.

“I was so nervous and wasn’t too sure what was happening. That’s when the lady turned to me and said ‘congratulations! You’ve won a million dollars.’ I honestly couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing,” the winner said.

The winner rang her daughter and asked her to come and meet her at the store.

“When my daughter arrived I showed her the ticket and she looked at me and said ‘congrats Mum, you’re a millionaire.’ That’s when we both burst into tears and just stood there hugging each other.”

After celebrating that evening with a bottle of bubbles, the winner has taken some time to reflect on her windfall and its impact on her family.

“I am blessed beyond belief. Nothing like this has ever happened to me or my family before – it’s going to be a tremendous help,” she said. 

“The win won’t change who we are, but it’s going to help us make some really special memories with our family and friends. We’re not sure what we’ll do just yet, but think some travelling will definitely be in the cards.”

The winning ticket was sold at Bayfair Lotto and was the only First Division Lotto win on June 7 draw.

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