Motorcyclist injured in serious crash, Auckland’s Southwestern Motorway closed – New Zealand Herald

Auckland’s Southwestern Motorway has been closed between Neilson St off-ramp and Hillsborough Rd for all northbound traffic.

Emergency services report a motorcyclist has been seriously injured in a four-vehicle crash on the stretch of State Highway 20.

The crash occurred on the northbound lanes before the Queenstown Rd off-ramp and was reported around 3.20pm.

“The crash is adding to significant congestion on the transport network,” NZTA warns.

Traffic is heavily congested all the way back on SH20 until about Cavendish Dr.

SH20 from Rimu Rd. Photo / NZTA
SH20 from Rimu Rd. Photo / NZTA

Police are advising motorists to avoid the area if possible. NZTA has posted footage of traffic at a standstill.

It said southbound traffic was heavy from Dominion Rd to Queenstown Rd due to rubbernecking and slow from Māngere Bridge to Puhinui Rd.

Northbound traffic was heavy at Puhinui Rd and slow from Portage Rd.

The crash on SH20 has backed up northbound traffic to Puhinui, says Auckland Operations Manager Rua Pani.

Traffic from the airport on SH20A is backed up to Landing Drive.

A funeral for Imam Hafiz Musa Patel, killed in the Christchurch terror attacks, is taking place at the Puhinui Rd cemetery in Manukau at 4pm.

Thousands of people were expected and NZTA earlier advised people travelling to and from Auckland Airport to expect delays and allow extra time.

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“It’s not clear how many people are planning to attend, but the 4pm timing of the event coincides with the start of evening peak traffic so motorists can expect extended congestion and delays in the area.”

The Memorial Gardens service is expected to last about an hour and then people will leave, adding to the congestion, which will continue for some time.

“The alternative route to and from the airport is SH20A, but this is also subject to congestion, so again motorists using this route need to plan ahead and be aware there could be delays.”

Anyone in the Auckland Airport area is advised to avoid the roads around the Manukau Memorial Gardens and avoid using SH20B or SH20A.

Motorists are advised to take care and look out for pedestrians around the SH20/20B interchange as there are many cars parked on the road sides and on motorway off ramps.

Meanwhile a truck breakdown is affecting traffic on the Northern Motorway in the citybound lane near Redvale.


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