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Last year daughter Robyn gave me two lilac bushes for Mother’s Day. They were maybe 8 inches tall at most. I watched them closely all summer, kept them watered and prayed the deer would not find them.

I am happy to report they survived the winter, which is more than I can say for the lantana that I covered with leaves as instructed. But that is a different story. One lilac bush is much smaller than the other this year for some reason. But, the most exciting thing is they both have delicate lavender flowers on them, however tiny. It is not the size that counts here.

The Man of the House has been scrutinizing the backyard. That’s how he looks when he is getting mentally prepared to launch into some kind of artistic project. He would like to plant another deciduous tree back there but can’t find the perfect spot.

I tell him we should wait to see what the two maples he planted last fall look like when they come out in leaf. My vote is to get as large of a redbud tree as we afford. We had one in our backyard in Winesburg that gave us much joy over the years. I planted it as a twig in 1992, given to me by my friend Sandy when she moved from Wooster to North Carolina. It grew to be quite impressive and provided many baby trees to share.

We should really wait until we get a pickup truck to buy anything large to haul, but the trail for that has grown cold in our search at the moment. The one we took to our mechanic to inspect had several things wrong and it has been ruled out for the time being. In the meantime, we are still getting calls from the car dealers we visited who want to sell us something new.

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I must tell you about my latest computer scare. It happened right after I got home from my 10 days in South Carolina when I was checking all the emails that had piled up. I noticed one in the spam folder that said “USPS mail undeliverable.” I thought that was strange but made the mistake of clicking on it anyhow.

That caused an instant response of flashing lights, lots of other things going on that shouldn’t be, and in the middle of the screen some words to the effect that I had just gotten a virus, or Trojan horse, or some such animal. It gave a phone number to call to get out of the mess and said to NOT turn off my computer.

Having fallen for such a stunt a couple years ago that cost us money, I knew better this time. Instead I called our Internet Tech friend Caleb who told me what to do and all was well. Whew!

Last night I was trying to type a short email to Robyn to give her the good news about the lilac bushes when I could no longer type any words. That usually means I need new batteries in my keyboard so I changed them. Then the mouse could not move the cursor. So, I changed batteries in the mouse. Then I could not turn the tower off and the monitor said it was going into sleep mode.

After messing with this for awhile it was time to go to our evening service at church. When we got home the computer was healed. Why, I do not know. But I was convinced the problem had something to do with the virus attack. Maybe that had nothing to do with it, but now I am nervous.

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Sad to say, like some people who are addicted to their smartphones, I am dependent on my computer.




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