Millionaire looking to pay personal assistant $52k to travel the world –

Self-made millionaire Matthew Lepre is looking for a personal assistant to travel the world with him as his e-commerce and coaching businesses continue to expand globally.

The 26-year-old from Sydney had no idea that six months after dropping out of university he would go on to create a business that would allow him to work anywhere in the world.

And now he is on the hunt to hire someone to take up a “job of a lifetime” — an assistant who’ll be paid $52,000 (base rate) a year, plus travel, accommodation and insurance benefits to help him take care of business in countries around the world.

“I have had so many people contacting me wanting to know how they can also live the dream lifestyle and now I need someone to help me out,” Mr Lepre told

“I’m after someone that is organised and has great management skills, can arrange travel itineraries, has strong knowledge of social media channels, ability to multitask, excellent attention to detail along with other business admin tasks such as computer skills.”

The person must also hold a valid passport for at least 12 months and be willing to work hard.

The opportunity would allow the lucky applicant to experience the cultures of the world, in particular some of the currently planned trips to Spain, Greece, Croatia and Miami.

“Travelling while I work has allowed me to live my ideal life, and I want to give someone the

opportunity to do the same alongside me,” he said.

He said as long as an applicant was over 18 and had the necessary skills, he would consider a uni grad or student.

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“After all I didn’t finish university!” he said.

Mr Lepre is an e-commerce mastermind having created the business eCommerce Warrior Academy when he was just 23.

He had no intention of staying at university — nor did he have any interest in pursuing a dentistry degree at the University of Melbourne. After two weeks, he decided to return to Sydney and worked three manual labour jobs to help his single mother financially.

In his downtime, Mr Lepre researched how to kickstart an online business and would soon go on to develop a business that would earn him a comfortable $120,000 a month.

“At a seminar in Sydney, I was introduced to a business coach from America where I began to learn all the basics of starting an online business, and from there I started my own e-commerce online stores,” he told last month.

He’s also been working on projects to help others to also build their wealth.

His newest team member will ensure his business runs smoothly while he’s travelling as well as help to promote his newest ventures.

“I’m looking for someone to join in all of my adventures. I love what I do, and I love exploring new place,” Mr Lepre said,

“But life is now definitely getting busy, and I’m looking for a reliable person to assist me with my day-to-day business activities while we are on the go.”

Mr Lepre recently visited Dubai — a city on his bucket list — where he ran Mastermind seminars for students.

“The eCommerce Warrior Academy has really taken off, with lots of people from around the world contacting me daily, thanking me for inspiring them, through my social media,” he said.

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Mr Lepre’s success was built on his determination to learn as much as he could from the best professionals, and today he heads up four successful e-commerce stores.

And while he may be roaming country to country, enjoying all of life’s perks from swimming in rooftop pools and cruising around in Lamborghinis, ultimately his work ethic has kept him on top of his game.

“I do a lot of work every day, but I operate on a philosophy of work hard, play harder,” Mr Lepre said.

Those who think they’ve got what it takes to be his assistant will need to subscribe to Mr Lepre’s YouTube channel.

He said this would give a prospective applicant a good understanding of what he did, and they could see if their temperament and skills might be a match.

“From this week, I will be doing weekly vlogs taking my viewers behind the scenes of my life so they can see if the job is right for them,” Mr Lepre said.

To apply for this position, please visit You can also follow Mr Lepre’s travels on Instagram.


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