Michelle Wolf Is Glad She Won’t Have To Hear Trump Eat At The WHCD

The White House Correspondents Dinner gets a lot of attention for the performances — Wolf will give a 25-minute stand up set roasting the President and various aspects of Washington. Traditionally, the President also does a tight five. President Obama was known for crushing at the WHCD. (Remember when, in 2011, he brought out the tape from The Lion King as proof of his birth? He also once brought out Keegan-Michael Key as his “anger translator.” Yeah.) The “dinner” part of the ceremony isn’t a big focus of WHCD coverage, but it does happen. And, the comedian who provides the jokes often sits next to the President and the First Lady on the dais. Lucky for Wolf, Trump won’t be in attendance. (Trump also did not attend last year.) Instead, Sarah Huckabee Sanders will attend in his stead.


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