Measuring your fashion footprint: Chips with Everything podcast – The Guardian


The fashion industry has a problem. It’s producing vast amounts of inexpensive clothes very rapidly in response to the latest industry trends. Great for profits… not so great for the environment or the factory workers making those clothes

In this week’s Science with Everything, Graihagh speaks to Prof Tim Cooper from Nottingham Trent University about the issues surrounding taking your clothes to the charity shop and how some synthetic fibres are contributing to plastic pollution in our oceans. Jordan talks to Orsola de Castro of Fashion Revolution about apps that help map a company’s supply chain and manage your fashion footprint.

Observer Magazine Ethical Awards winners Orsola de Castro (in navy)  and Carry Sommers (in green) 25/02/2015 at orsolas studio in Peckham. founders of fashion revolution, global initiative to raise awareness of transparency in the fashion suppy chain.

Photograph: Katherine Anne Rose/The Observer



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