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Amhara-ProtestMay 2, 2019 ( – Massive rallies were held in several Amhara towns yesterday protesting the Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) rule and leadership as well as the federal government. These demstrations were one of the largest seen against the regional government to date.

Protest rallies were held in Bahir Dar, Gonder, Debre Markos, Debre Tabor, Finote Selam, Dembecha, Mierawi, and other places.

The demonstrations were not permitted by the Amhara regional government, but went ahead anyway, said the organizers.

Demonstrators chanted various slogans, including ‘the ADP does not represent Amhara,’ ‘the ADP has changed name but not substance,’ ‘the ADP is more dangerous than an expired chemical’ ‘the constitution does not benefit Amhara people but others and is unacceptable to us,’ ‘attacks against Amhara people must stop,’ etc.

They said ADP is weak and did not defend us against attacks.

They also said, all Ethiopian people are our brothers and sisters, except the dividers. Amhara patience was motivated by desire for unity and stability.

The protesters condemned what they called deaths and displacements in Benishangul-Gumuz and other places.

They also chanted justice in Wolkite, Raya and other places.

Video footage of the rallies in Amhara region can be seen on Ezega Videos. Another coverage of the demonstrations can be found here.

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