Marty Morrissey loves his new lifestyle but reckons he’ll be booted from Dancing With The Stars if he’s in a dreaded …



The RTE pundit is delighted to have trimmed over a stone in weight and he credits the hit show for changing his unhealthy lifestyle

MARTY Morrissey has waltzed his way to a slimmer size and boosted his self-confidence, all thanks to Dancing With The Stars.

The TV star, 59, has lost over a stone from his shimmying with dance partner Ksenia Zsikhotska for the show and said it has given him a huge boost.

Marty trimmed up since the show began

Kyran O’Brien

Marty trimmed up since the show began

And while he said he never thought he was overweight, the GAA pundit knew he needed a kick in the right direction. Marty said: “I’ve lost a stone and a bit, that bit is about a pound or two.

“It wasn’t that I was terribly overweight, I just felt I needed to re-adjust, because I was in the car a lot and when I’m driving a lot, and because I was tired, I might drink a fizzy drink, a can of coke or whatever and a bar of chocolate.

“Now I’m eating grass, salads, prawns, sparkling water, water, it’s a change of lifestyle as well and I’ve Dancing With The Stars to thank for that.”

Marty has been a fan favourite but he said he knows he’s there for the entertainment factor, rather than for any future career as a dancer.

Marty and his partner Ksenia Zsikhotska during last weeks show

Kyran O’Brien

Marty and his partner Ksenia Zsikhotska during last weeks show

“I think everybody has bought into it, it’s a real family show and for us, the participants, it’s great fun.

“I know my place here, I’m well down, as I call it, the relegation zone all the time.

“But people thankfully are supporting me, otherwise I would be well gone and I’ll keep at it.

“As a result of them supporting me, I’ll try my best.

The pundit doesn’t fancy his chances in a dance off

Kyran O’Brien

The pundit doesn’t fancy his chances in a dance off

“I’m not as good as any of the other dancers but I’m willing to give it a crack.”

Asked if he was surprised to still be on the show, the telly legend said: “Absolutely, 100 per cent.

“It’s a bit of a miracle to be honest with you. But people forget it’s not a dancing show.

“If it was the World Dancing Championships, I wouldn’t even get the entry form and neither would some of the others.

“It’s a family entertainment TV show, that’s the bottom line.”

As for potentially being in a dreaded dance-off, Marty said: “If I’m in the dance-off, it’s P45 for Marty, that’s for sure.

“The other dancers are brilliant, I’m well trailing behind. But I’m still giving it a lash.”



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