Many Americans see DC’s political climate as our worst economic threat – New York Post


According to a new survey by, 44 percent of Americans say the political environment in Washington is the biggest threat to the economy over the next six months.

That’s more than three times the number who cite the next-biggest threats — terrorism or political/economic developments overseas.

And, let me tell you, those 44 percent of Americans are absolutely correct.

So here are things going on in Washington that you ought to look out for.

Everyone is waiting for Attorney General William Barr to release Thursday the full-ish contents of the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on the investigation of possible Russian interference in our last presidential election.

But as people wait, something very important happened last week —WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange was taken into custody in London.

Wall Street wants the pressure to be off President Trump. The markets have done well under Trump and don’t want anything to change.

The Mueller report was a potential boat rocker until Barr released a four-page summary exonerating Trump from wrongdoing.

What’s the importance of Assange being taken from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London?

While Assange is fighting extradition to the US, his computers and phones don’t have the same rights. They are likely already in the hands of US intelligence officials and, once analyzed, they’ll tell exactly who the WikiLeaks founder has been in touch with.

Could Trump be hurt by disclosures on Assange’s phones? Maybe.

But I’m betting that Assange’s tech equipment will show that WikiLeaks got most of the controversial e-mails it published before the 2016 election from someone inside the Democratic Party.

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Not only will Trump be off the hook here but also the Democrats are going to have big problems if this goes like I think it will.

Wall Street will be happy with this outcome as well.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) said on Sean Hannity’s radio show the other day that former FBI director James Comey is one of the people the House Intelligence Committee submitted for criminal referral, presumably for allowing spying on the Trump campaign.

Nunes has already said that lots of criminal referrals went out. And there will probably also be criminal referrals coming from the Justice Department’s inspector general when his report is released in a month or so. And more yet from Senate investigators.

The Comey revelation is shocking enough.

But I e-mailed Nunes’ press contacts with the most blockbuster question of all: Were there also criminal referrals on Bill and Hillary Clinton? I’m still waiting for an answer.




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