Local tanning salon apologizes for controversial Facebook post – KBTX

COLLEGE STATION, Tx. (KBTX) – The Tiki Tan in College Station has publically apologized for posting a former employee’s personal information online after she failed to show up for work, but the company could still be in legal trouble.

The Facebook post, which has been removed, shared the employee’s name and personal cell phone number, and urged customers to “call and express your frustration and irritation for her lack of professionalism and inconvenience to you.”

According to the ex-employee, who asked we not use her name, she received numerous calls and texts from strangers.

“I tried to get my shift covered, but I wasn’t able to find anyone to help,” she said. “The next thing I knew my cell phone number was on Facebook. The owner, Charlene, is who posted it.”

Mike Shaub with the Mays Business School at Texas A&M says social media posts exploiting a person’s private information might have legal repercussions.

“This would be something that might end up involving an attorney at some point to see if the doxing was intended to harass or to seek revenge against someone. You can’t just ignore the duty you have to protect the privacy of employees just because they frustrated you,” said Shaub.

“For someone to potentially endanger her or to put her out there for harassment because of something she did that fell short of standards, that seems to me to be patently unfair,” Shaub says.

In its apology on Facebook Friday morning, the company said, “Both sides are at fault in the events that occurred yesterday that resulted in the store closure during the period she would have worked that day.”

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The apology drew angry remarks from Facebook users who called it a backhanded response to the situation.

“Public airing of this matter, while done in an attempt to minimize customer confusion on the location’s closure, was not performed in an appropriate manner and retraining of management along with staff have begun,” said the post.

Calls and emails to Tiki Tan and its owner, Charlene Heath, seeking comment have not been returned.


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