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Black diamonds are frequently seen as an alternative to the conventional white diamond rings. However, in Indonesia, the gemstones are not as popular as their white counterparts.

“Black diamonds have no value in Kalimantan,” said jewelry designer Ida Wachyuni, referring to the location of one of the largest diamond mines in Indonesia.

With that in mind, Ida, through her brand IW by Ida Wachyuni, wanted to introduce Borneo black diamonds to the international market.

“I feel that nobody pays attention to black diamonds,” said Ida during the launch of IW by Ida Wachyuni at The Dharmawangsa hotel, South Jakarta, last week.

The female entrepreneur shared that many did not realize the value of black diamonds, and the black diamond miners in Kalimantan were being ignored.

“Europeans look for black diamonds as they are very unique and rare,” she said, saying that usually only a small amount of black diamond was found in a diamond chunk.  

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Realizing this, Ida then talked to the miners and decided to create her own jewelry brand.

“One of my goals is to provide them with a better life,” she said.

At the launch of IW by Ida Wachyuni, the designer introduced 60 different designs, featuring bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more.

In addition to black diamonds, her collection also includes other gems such as white diamond, blue sapphire, emerald and ruby.

The entire collection is handmade and features 75 percent white gold or rose gold.

“All the gemstones come from Kalimantan,” she said. (kes)

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