Local elementary students create movies using green screen technology

Local elementary students create movies using green screen technology. (Source: WEAR-TV)

This Fall, WEAR along with Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram are “Paying it Forward to Education”. Teachers submit their creative ideas to win $500 for their classrooms.

This week we introduce you to a teacher at Oriole Beach Elementary teaching her students how to make movies!

These second graders at Oriole Beach Elementary are doing traditional book reports but in a high tech way. They are making book trailers that look like movie trailers.

Each word and each scene are selected by them. They are able to make pages come to life through green screen technology.

Second grade teacher, Carla Urquhart, said “The kids will read a book. They choose with a small group what book they would like to do. They then take images from book, create characters, and use green screen background that brings green screen to life, “

It’s more than just for fun. Reading is also a major standard for second graders.

She said, “It shows us they understand what they are reading, brings in public speaking, showcases what they know.”

Urquhart first started having them experiment with it by using random green objects they could find in the room, from bouncy green balls to green paper on the back of a door, but that had it’s limit.

Thanks to Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, they were able to buy better equipment. The $500 helped them buy real green screens, tripods and an iPad.

The green screen is helping them in all subjects. For science, they made animal habitats and then got to “live” in them on the green screen.

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Urquhart said, “They made an animal habitat and tied into science. Today they are zoologist and use that habitat in the green screen.”

The children are also learning editing skills and stretching their creativity.

Urquhart said, “We used i-movie to make the trailer. It’s interesting how they are collaborating, on which format they choose. Some chose fast pace while others were more light fun and airy.”


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