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Sindh AIDS Control Programme confirms 287 cases of HIV

The doctor accused of infecting patients in Larkana’s Ratodero with HIV has denied the charge and refused to be tested for HIV/AIDS.

Dr Muzaffar Ghanghar, an employee at a public hospital in Ratodero, was arrested on April 30 on charges of infecting 42 patients at the facility with HIV. He was presented before a court on May 1 and was remanded into police custody.

Speaking to the media while leaving the police station, Dr Ghanghar said the police have no proof of these accusations. He also denied reports that he had AIDS. Waving a paper with the words “AO Clinic” written on top that he claimed were the results of a 2016 test proving he did not have HIV or AIDS, Dr Ghanghar refused to have another test conducted. It could not be verified whether the test results were authentic.

Dr Ghanghar said they had tested him in police custody and refused to undergo further testing. “Why should I?” he asked, saying that he hadn’t shown any symptoms or signs of having the disease. He also wants the police to show him the reports they based the FIR against him on. He said they were trying to pressure him into getting tested again, but he would not because they have no evidence to back up their claims.

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The head of the Sindh AIDS Contol Programme, Dr Sikandar Memon, said that they cannot force anyone to undergo any tests under the law. Dr Ghanghar doesn’t want to be tested and we need his consent for any further tests, he said. He also said that no authority has asked them to have him tested yet. Once someone writes to us, we’ll consult the law to see what can be done, said Dr Memon.

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He confirmed that 287 people in Ratodero have HIV. The programme has been conducting screenings over the past 12 days in Ratodero and has tested over 6,200 people. Dr Memon confirmed that 287 have tested positive for HIV, of which 220 are children.

They have been referred to the treatment centre in Larkana and the treatment of 82 children has begun, he said.


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