Kind Twitter account helpfully points out inconsistencies in cinema

Screenshot: Planet Of The Apes (YouTube)

There’s nothing that takes you out of a movie more than an obvious plot hole or continuity error. Luckily, there is a new Twitter account whose sole purpose is to identify and spread awareness about these errors, warning potential moviegoers not to waste their time with these shoddily made films. Some of these goofs are so subtle that even we weren’t aware of them, but once you see them spelled out they become so obvious.

No matter how many times we’ve seen Jaws, we never noticed these super obvious errors:

Not even concert films are immune to the occasional goof!

Of course, not everyone is happy to hear that their favorite movies have such glaring errors in them. Some fans go as far as to deny that these are errors at all, as if @movie_goofs is just some sort parodical Twitter account and not a valuable service for film fans everywhere.

Hopefully, aspiring filmmakers will learn from this very good Twitter account and, when it comes time to make their own big-budget feature, they’ll pay a little closer attention to the edit than this Akira Kurosawa guy did.

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