Kazakhstan has chosen to launch their satellites, the Falcon 9 us

The country has chosen this time the Falcon 9 because it is cheaper, but the amount was not disclosed at the request of the American side.

Казахстан выбрал для запуска своих спутников американский Falcon 9

Kazastan will launch two scientific and technological satellite with the launch vehicle Falcon 9, created by American company Space X. the Launch will take place on 20 November at the military base Vandenberg in California.

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This was reported by press Secretary of the Ministry of defense and the aerospace industry of Kazakhstan Aset Nurkenov, reports kommersant. According to him, in the future, these spacecraft Kazakhstan plans to send to and from the Baikonur cosmodrome. “I think that spacecraft this configuration, it is possible to run booster rockets of the “Soyuz”, “proton”, the launch of which we have produced from Baikonur”, – he said.

Nurkenov noted that at this time chose the Falcon 9 because it is cheaper. “The sum – a trade secret we can’t reveal, the us asked for”, he added.

In April, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 with the Dragon spacecraft. Dragon successfully docked to the ISS.

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