John Hickenlooper takes questions at CNN town hall: Live updates – CNN

Former Colorado Gov. John Hicknelooper defended his opposition of “Medicare for All,” a liberal health care plan supported by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, among others.

“I don’t agree with Sen. Sanders and the single payer approach,” Hickenlooper said when asked by a Sanders supporter how he expected “voters to choose you over some of your contenders like Bernie Sanders, who have had a consistent record of support for single-payer health care.”

Hickenlooper is a supporter of trying to achieve universal coverage in the United States, but has repeatedly said that he does not believe “Medicare for All” is achievable.

“Health care should be a right, not a privilege, right,” Hickenlooper said to applause.

“I believe that. I’ve worked for that. I helped start a community health center in 1973, and we said back then health care needs to be a right, not a privilege. I want to support any way we can get to universal coverage. That should be our first and primary goal. That should be our north star.”

He added, however, that too many Americans enjoy the insurance they are on that is provided by either their or a spouse’s employer. Hickenlooper asked the audience to raise their hand if they were on an employee backed health care plan. Most of the audience did.

“I mean there are over 150 million people that I can’t imagine how we would pull them off of health care coverage that in most cases they like,” he said.


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