JackSepticEye and Other Top Gaming Personalities Will Create Exclusive Content for Twitch

Twitch is partnering with Disney to lock down exclusive content from some of YouTube’s top gaming content creators.

JackSepticEye has over 17 million subscribers on YouTube.

The livestreaming service announced that it has inked a deal with four YouTubers who are part of the Disney Digital Network to help build up Twitch’s content library. The creators include some of the most well-known gaming personalities online including JackSepticEye, LuzuGames, Strawburry17, and Markiplier.

The four creators will create exclusive video-on-demand content for Twitch as part of a multi-year partnership. Some of the new exclusivecontent has already debuted on Twitch as part of the announcement.

Twitch confirmed to Polygon that content made exclusively for Twitch by these creators shouldn’t be uploaded to other sites as that would violate copyright, although these creators will still probably be making content for other platforms as well.

The deal coincides with the launch of a new Video Producer tool which is an editing and publishing suite afforded to content creators to help launch live viewing events. Two big features includes Premieres which will let creators set up landing pages and countdowns to help shore up excitement, as well as Reruns which lets them re-share previous videos with their audience.

This marks another big play from Twitch to get more exclusive programming onto the service. Disney Digital Network is one of the biggest online content houses around, though you might know it better by its former name, Maker Studios. The company has had some turbulence after its biggest star, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, was dropped from the company after accusations of anti-semitism.

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