Israel strikes military site near Damascus, Syria’s state-run news claims


Two of the surface-to-surface missiles launched were intercepted by Syrian air defense, but others caused material damage to the military site, sources told SANA.

The Israeli military declined to comment on the incident when asked by CNN about the Syrian claim.

The incident comes amid escalating tensions between Israel and Syria. In November, the Israeli military accused Syria of violating the 1974 ceasefire agreement by “conducting construction work” in the northern part of the Golan Demilitarized Zone. Israel also shot down a reconnaissance drone it believed was operated by Syria.

Israel’s stated policy on the civil war in Syria is that it is not taking sides. Still, it has conducted dozens of strikes inside Syrian borders to defend what it calls its red lines, and to prevent what it says is Iran’s proxy Hezbollah — fighting alongside the Syrian regime — from acquiring advanced weaponry.

These strikes are primarily against regime targets, including a reported Israeli hit on a military research facility in early September in northwest Syria.



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