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When you are traveling there are many things that become of great necessity and sunglasses definitely are one of those things.  Think about it. You get off the airplane at 6 am and the sun is shining through the glass while you are ragged and tired. The last thing you want is to not have some protection for your eyes.  You already probably feel like you got hit by a truck and the sun blasting into your eyes just adds to that fact. You also probably aren’t looking your best as most of us don’t after a long plane ride.

Before you take off on your trip have a look at the Sunglass Fix for your sunglass lens repair needs. This company can save you substantial amounts when you get new lenses instead of buying a whole new pair of glasses.  Maybe you are headed to one of the beautiful islands in Thailand? You will definitely want to have some good shades. You’ll take a boat trip for the day and the sun will be beaming down on you.  Sunglasses are key in this case especially with some nice polarized shades to enhance your view.

Here’s what a good pair of sunglasses can do for you while traveling.


When you travel with good quality shades you’ll rest assured you are protected from UV (Ultraviolet Rays) that can damage your retina and or cornea.  You’ll want a pair that eliminates these rays fully. If you’ve got the window seat on an airplane this is extra important.

Perhaps you are taking a ski trip to Aspen or Whistler Mountain?  Having a good pair of shades will protect you from the reflection of light off the snow and allow you to see the trail better, therefore, reducing your chances of a wipeout.  If you have the right sunglasses you can block almost all light from damaging your iris. Also, you can get distracted by bright spots and not see some objects in your path.

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If your embarking on a long flight intense light will most likely give you a headache and that is not the way to start off a fun vacation.  There are some frequencies of light that a good pair of sunglasses can eliminate. Those frequencies blur your vision. You can combat this by choosing the correct color for your specific circumstances.  

You’ll also want to make sure your sunglasses fit you well during your travels.  Picture waking up in the middle of the flight and finding your sunglasses have fallen off and been stepped on by someone walking through the aisle of the plane.  That’s not a fun situation to wake up to.

Perhaps you are in Costa Rica and decide to rent a jeep for some exploration of the beautiful terrain?  Sunglasses will help you while driving of course and make the ride safer for you. The right pair of shades will protect you from wind and dust as well.  If the wind gets into your eyes it can dry them up and hurt your vision. When driving you don’t want distractions and a good pair of sunglasses can help you reduce any distractions and give you peace of mind while on the road.  

Packing your sunglasses is important as well.  If you’re like me you probably travel with more than one pair (I lose them frequently).  For your shades that you won’t be wearing on the flight, you’ll want to make sure you have a hard case for them.  You’ll want to keep these in your carry on bag. Don’t put your sunglasses in your checked baggage. They will almost surely get damaged or broken.  If your checked bag gets lost or stolen the airline probably won’t compensate you for them as well.

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Another tip for traveling with sunglasses is to make sure you remove them when going to security and checking into your flight.  This will make the process run more smoothly and not make you seem suspicious.

Traveling with sunglasses is necessary for just about any trip anywhere in the world.  You’ll want to make sure you have the right pair that suits your specific needs.


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