In China have found traces of dinosaurs, the sauropods

В Китае обнаружили следы динозавров-зауроподов

This is the largest concentration of dinosaur footprints.

A group of scientists from China, USA and Germany found in the South-Western Chinese province Guichai several hundred footprints of dinosaurs-sauropods, which lived in the Jurassic period, the report said local authorities.

The find was made after nearly two months of intensive excavations near the village of Maotai in the County Gangwei County Zunyi.

On a plot of about 350 square meters was found the traces left in different time periods.

According to scientists, this is the largest concentration of dinosaur footprints in the early Jurassic period found on the territory of China, and is important for studying the distribution and evolution of the animal world at that time.

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