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The LATAM division’s matchday 13 was set up to be a dogfight since the beginning of the second half of the season. With FaZe Clan hanging near the top of the board, their success was contingent upon Ninja in Pyjamas’ performance. Here’s a rundown of who survived the night and failed to get the job done.

INTZ e-Sports challenged FaZe Clan on Consulate with Thatcher, Nomad, Echo, and Mira banned from play. FaZe showed a dominant display in round one, but INTZ was able to send it right back to them in rounds two and three while attacking Garage. Rafael “mav” Freitas Loureiro, Gabriel “cameram4n” Hespanhol Pinheiro Marca, and Leonardo “Astro” Luis Buzzachera pushed INTZ back with a two-round streak of frag fests to bring the match to 3-2 in favor of FaZe.

Joao “Yoona” Gabriel Nerici da Silva gave FaZe an uncomfortable lead of 4-2 after retaking Garage and securing the defuse. On defense, INTZ failed to fend off FaZe and allowed them a 5-2 lead. FaZe showed a highly coordinated attack, with Ronaldo “ion” Koji Osawa Filho leading an impressive charge on Admin. Round eight went the way of INTZ due to FaZe’s apparent indecisiveness.

Ion continued to level INTZ on attack bringing the match to 6-3. Astro managed to down himself with his own Lifeline impact grenade, which killed FaZe’s momentum in the round. INTZ showed signs of life when they brought the matchback to 5-6, but it wasn’t meant to be for INTZ. FaZe wrapped the match at 7-5 to put three more points on the board and keep the dream alive.

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ESL Rainbow Six on Twitter

It got a bit scary for @FaZeClan, but they still managed to get that important victory! One step closer to Milan finals! #R6PL

Ninjas in Pyjamas and paiN Gaming both needed a win this week. For NiP, a matchday 13 win meant staying in the race for finals. Conversely, this match was paiN’s last chance to stay out of relegation. Teams settled on Coastline while banning out Glaz, Nomad, Maestro, and Mira.

Julio Giacomelli cleaned up the last two paiN attackers in round one as Echo. PaiN seemed slow and unsupportive of each other. It was strange to see paiN disorganized with so much on the line. NiP continued to dominate paiN four rounds deep into a largely one-sided match.

Broadcaster Robert Flynn commented that paiN wasn’t showing up like they did in the previous week against Team Liquid. Gustavo “Psycho” Eugenio Rigal dos Santos continued to punish paiN’s lethargy in round five to bring the match 5-0. PaiN finally found a win in round six to get themselves on the board, but wouldn’t see that momentum return until round eight and nine to bring it 3-6.

Unfortunately, for paiN, they were unable to draw NiP. The final score stood at 7-3, with a much-needed win for NiP to keep them in the running.

ESL Rainbow Six on Twitter

That’s the seventh victory for @NiPGaming. Unfortunately this is the end of the Pro League run for @paiNGamingBR, who cannot escape the auto relegation anymore. #R6PL

The undefeated Immortals went up against fifth-ranked Black Dragons on Coastline while banning out Montagne, Glaz, Jager, and Mira. Black Dragons lost out on points last week when they were forced to forfeit due to connection issues.  

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Both teams showed up ready to win. Round one saw frag-for-frag play and a down-to-the-wire defuse for an Immortals win. Lucca “MKing” Cezana Coser slapped down a 3K in round two to deny the plant as Echo and put another round on the board.

MKing wouldn’t be able to repeat his previous performance, especially not in the one-vs-five he found himself in towards the close of round three. Black Dragons racked up two one-sided rounds in a row to prove that Immortals wouldn’t have the same luck NiP had in the previous match. Immortals found opposition yet again in round five, but would also find another win after a one-vs-one situation to bring the match 3-2.

Immortals led 4-2 at the half. The undefeated team extended their streak thanks to a 3K by Jaime “Cyb3r” Pereira Ramos Junior as Nomad. Vitor “Hugzord” Hugo Meneses Goncalves helped secure a win for Black Dragons by grabbing two Immortals attackers in quick succession. Black Dragons fell in round nine to allow Immortals a 6-3 lead.

Immortals dispatched four members of Black Dragons in about two seconds to secure the match 7-3. Black Dragons definitely showed up in the first half, but made some questionable moves on the defensive side. Immortals victory means Team Liquid will not be able to qualify for the finals in Milan, according to Flynn.

The now eliminated Team Liquid squared up with ReD DevilS e-Sports on Bank with the bans coming up as Capitao, Glaz, Echo, and Mira. Parker “Interro” Mackay noted that it was an odd choice to not ban any hard-breachers on Bank. Liquid smashed through ReD DevilS’ defense after an unfortunate team kill on Red DevilS’ side.

Round two was a different story. This time around, Vinicius “Vnx” Morandi Mello dispatched Liquid’s attackers while defending Lockers. Liquid pushed the time in rounds three and four, but grabbed two wins for a 3-1 standing. Liquid continued to push time and somehow miraculously win their gunfights in the very last seconds of each round.

ReD DevilS allowed Liquid to gain a 5-1 lead heading into the back half of the match. Liquid continued to dominate the series to bring it to match point at 6-1. ReD DevilS finally found another win in round eight, but it wasn’t enough to stop Liquid. The match closed out 7-3, Liquid. Aside from some late round wins, ReD DevilS failed to bring the pain and allowed Liquid to walk all over them throughout the entire match.

ESL Rainbow Six on Twitter

That’s it for today. @TeamLiquid takes the victory, even though they have been eliminated from the race to Milan. GG&WP. #R6PL

Pro League picks back up Friday, April 19 with matchday 13 for the EU division. The final LATAM matchday will be Wednesday, April 24. As always, fans can catch the official broadcast here.




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