I’ll disagree with Buhari, but resolve differences for Nigeria’s sake ― Sen Lawan – Vanguard


Victor Ogunyinka

The Leader of the Senate and front line candidate for the presidency in the ninth Senate, Senator Ahmad Lawan, affirmed that as Senate President, he might have to disagree with President Muhammadu Buhari on some issues, “but would find ways of resolving any difference in record time for the interest of all Nigerians.”

Lawan, Buhari
Senator Ahmed Lawan and President Muhammadu Buhari. PHOTO: Lagos Television

Senator Lawan also called for better funding of the police and broad reforms of its operations to serve the people better.

Speaking in an interview with Ayodele Adio of The Avalon Daily, Senator Lawan argued that “he is convinced that the police need to be reformed and better funded”. He decried a situation where commissioners of police of a state will need to wait for orders from Abuja before he or she swings to action.

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Speaking further in the interview, Senator Lawan touched on his ambition to be the President of the 9th Senate where the fight against corruption and the growth of the economy will be the focal point of his leadership.

“I don’t believe in quarrels or a rancorous relationship with the executive when the two arms of government are expected to serve the people. I want to get things done and will work closely with the executive to achieve a lot”.

Asked about his views on the independence of the Senate, the leader responded: “my understanding of the separation of powers is not that we are independent of each other, my understanding of independence is in the specialisation of our functions”.

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Senator Lawan laid to rest the insinuation that he would be a lackey of the Presidency, “we will disagree where necessary but will find ways of resolving any differences in the interest of all Nigerians. The budget, for instance, will be passed in reasonable time with little rancor as that will help the entire country plan appropriately. I am aiming for a January to December budget cycle should I be elected Senate President”.




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