How would RunAway look in Season 2 of Overwatch League?


Overwatch League has showcased the best Overwatch community has to offer throughout Season 1.

But, it also had its disappointments. And one of the biggest disappointments for Overwatch League Season 1 was that there was no RunAway. Having one of the biggest fan bases in Korea and abroad, the Overwatch community assumed that at least ONE of the 12 teams offered to pick up this group of extremely talented players.

But, that news never came, and the feeling of disappointment as a RunAway fan has been insurmountable.

However, one year later, our boys in pink (and mother Flowervin) will finally prove that they still have what it takes to be part of the best, and with Season 2 Overwatch Contenders championships under their belt, it is time for RunAway to set their eyes on the second season of Overwatch League.

And here, I present you my version of RunAway in the Overwatch League.

Analyzing the Current Family

The real MVP of the team are the coaches and Flowervin. They have found a way to effectively rotate their DPS lineup between maps and strategies to maximize their lineup power. I dare say that RunAway has never looked this strong. However, it doesn’t mean they are invincible, RunAway has shown their gaps throughout the season and if they are to succeed in Overwatch League, they’ll need to identify them and fill them with additional coaching support or recruit new talents to complement their lineup.  

Let’s look at the current roster:

Tanks – BUMPER & Jjanu

BUMPER & Jjanu have been the dynamic duo of the season. They have been probably the strongest tank lineup in Korean Contenders and it is not hard to tell why. First of all, BUMPER’s super aggressiveness has caught his opponents off guard many times and made it difficult to deal with him. Jjanu has evolved from a relatively quiet D.Va in Season 1 to one of the best in Korean Contenders. Now, he is everywhere perfectly balancing between his duties, and his D.Va bombs are on point.

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Insane Hammond plays by Jjanu.

DPS – Haksal, Hooreg, seominsoo & Stitch

Haksal & Stitch, along with BUMPER, are the last remaining members of the original RunAway. With extensive LAN experiences, you should be able to count on them when they are needed the most. But, that is not always the case. Both Haksal and Stitch experienced slumps, and consistency is something they need to work on. However, when they are on fire, they are literally unstoppable and capable of carrying their team into victory. Their hero pool has gotten wider throughout their careers and they are slowly becoming one of the most valuable players in the Overwatch community.

The two new additions, seominsoo and Hooreg, have had their ups and downs. seominsoo has been amazing time to time but he has also been quiet. The real strength of seominsoo is his flexibility and having clutch moments. However, the same thing could not be said about Hooreg. Although he was considered one of the best hitscan during APEX, he has not been able to show this thus far. We can only hope that he will be able to get back to his old self very soon.

Support – Slime & TwilighT

I would argue that RunAway’s support line is their strongest part of their lineup. Not only they are mechanically skilled and have incredible game sense, they are also incredibly consistent. While everyone in RunAway could be considered one of the best in their roles, both tanks and DPS line had consistency issues. Although far from perfect, Slime and TwilighT seem to make the least amount of mistakes and have shown why they are considered one of the best duos in Korea.

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Growing the Family – The NYXL Approach

NYXL’s philosophy of rotating players based on maps is the most optimal way to approach team building. Here are few reasons why:

1. It prevents burn out/injuries in a long season

2. Players can specialize in certain map types that they are more comfortable with

3. It gives all players equal chance to play

Furthermore, giving players equal chance to play will end the stigmatization of “non-starter” lineups, which could damage the player’s confidence and improve morale. Therefore, filling up the roster could benefit RunAway in the long run, and here are my personal additions to the team.

Tank – r0ar (Kongdoo Panthera):

Here’s a controversial opinion: r0ar is slightly better than BUMPER.

BUMPER is often seen making these hyper-aggressive plays that are exciting, effective and it catches people’s attention. However, his aggressiveness comes with some risks, and BUMPER cost them fights from time to time. r0ar, on the other hand, is less aggressive, but more consistent. And I believe that these two players can complement each other in the League. When playing in a match that requires aggressiveness, BUMPER could join the lineup. If the matches require a methodical approach, r0ar could lead the way.

Flex – DDing (Kongdoo Panthera):

I have given DDing a lot of praise on my last article and I am here to do it again. Not only is he good at Pharah and Hanzo, but he is also an amazing D.Va. Allowing RunAway to have a lineup that can switch from 2 tanks, 2 support and 2 DPS to a 3 DPS line up could be incredibly valuable in the long run. If you would like to know more about DDing and why I believe he should be picked up for OWL, click here.

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DPS – Nenne (XL2 Academy):

There is a TON of hitscan specialists in Korean Contenders that could probably fare well in Overwatch League. However, one of the gaps that I have noticed about notable hitscan specialists in Korean Contenders is that they lack consistency. Bazzi, Xzi, GodsB, and Happy all had their golden moments, but they sure had their slumps. What I like about Nenne, above all others, is that he is consistently good. He is there to clutch every match and every map. In a way, he reminds me of Striker, who people never realized he was good until he started playing in the League.

Support – WonJaeLee (Meta Bellum):

There are very few Ana players that stand out in Korean Contenders right now, and one of them is WonJaeLee. While RunAway has one of the best support duos in Korean Contenders, I believe that an incredibly Ana player could bolster their roster, and with Ana’s recent buff, there’s a chance that she might become more relevant.

Final Roster and Final Thoughts

There are so many talented players in the Korean Overwatch Contenders, and the combination of players to form a RunAway Overwatch League is limitless. However, this list fills a lot of gaps that RunAway could have in the long run and at the same time complement their current style of play.

What do you think? What would your fantasy RunAway look like? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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