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PlayStation has come a long way in making our gaming and entertainment experiences easier. Though, every now and then, that ease can become an annoyance. PlayStation Plus turns on auto-renewal by default whenever you pay for your subscription. But what if you find a better deal for PlayStation Plus online or you want to pay for the subscription on a different card next time? You can turn off the PS Plus auto-renewal directly on your PlayStation.

To turn off PS Plus auto-renew on the PlayStation:

  1. Go to your Settings (looks like the toolbox icon).
  2. Click on Account Management.
  3. Click Account Information. This page can sometimes be slow to load.
  4. Scroll down to select PlayStation Subscriptions.

  5. Pick your PlayStation Plus subscription box. Here you will see the option to Extend or Turn off Auto-Renew.
  6. Click the box to turn off your auto renewal and your done!

With your auto-renewal turned off you are free to find those best deals for PlayStation Plus online without the worry of your card being charged. However, you need to remember that auto-renew will be turned back on each time you enter another PS Plus card! Just go back through these steps to turn it off once more… or to turn it back on if you change your mind. You can also similarly turn off your renewal on the PlayStation website directly, under subscription management in your player icon drop down tab.

It’s easy to forget to turn off the auto-renew on any subscription service. I like to turn it off right after I renew or add a PS Plus code. However, PlayStation will notify you when your subscription is about to run out whether you have auto-renew on or not. Just a nice little reminder.

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