How to get through security quickly during this record-breaking travel season

by Veronica Ortega, WSBT 22 Reporter

Dozens of prohibited items are found in carry-on bags every day, according to TSA officers at South Bend International Airport.

With many people headed to the airport for this summer, the TSA is expecting another record-breaking travel season.

About 240 million passengers and crew members will pass through security checkpoints. There are a few things people can do to help things go smoothly.

For those of us planning to hop on a plane this summer, it’s important to know what you can and can’t bring in your carry-on bags.

TSA says knowing that information can help keep wait times to a minimum.

With heavier traffic going through airports like South Bend International, the wrong thing inside your carry-on can slow things down at security checkpoints.

“We want to make sure people are getting through the airport as quickly and as efficiently as we can,” said Karen Kennedy, transportation security officer. “When you’re bringing your liquids and things like tha, those things hold us up because we have to check those things, we have to pull those things from your bags.”

Dozens of prohibited items are found in carry-on bags every day.

Liquids need to be travel size. If not, it goes in your checked luggage.

Something new this year – electronic items like e-readers, iPads and laptops larger than your cell phone must be removed from your bag and placed in a separate bin.

“We make no assumptions that these are the good people,” said Kennedy. “We take these things to make sure, like I said, that the plane goes up safely and come down safely.”

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Keep in mind things that may be harmless but appear dangerous, like a children’s toy gun, or grenade belt buckle, could cause unnecessary panic.

TSA officers say last year in Indiana at security checkpoints, 54 guns were found.

Many were loaded and packed inside carry-on luggage.

Travel with firearms is allowed with the proper permit.

“Keep in mind that you have to put it in your checked luggage,” said Aaron Batt, TSA federal security director. “You should separate the ammunition from the weapon and they both need to be in hard-sided cases. It’s always smart to also look at the firearm rule for the state in which you’re traveling.”

Another option is TSA pre-check. It allows passengers to get fully vetted at home. You move through the line quicker plus you get to keep your shoes on.

Starting June 25 through the 29, there’s going to be a TSA pre-check enrollment event at South Bend International Airport.

It’s good for 5 years, costs $85 and is good for all airlines.

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