How Alabama offers motorists a network of safety during holiday travel

MONTGOMERY, Ala (WRBL) – A huge number of travelers are expected to hit the highway during the Thanksgiving travel period.  In Alabama, many motorists may not realize just how hard officials work to keep the roads safe.

“Our traffic management center is a valuable resource during this busy travel time, because they help us minimize traffic impacts,” said Josh Phillips, with Alabama’s Department of Transportation.

A communication and operations hub for state-maintained roadways allows officials to keep a constant eye on the highways. 

“We have cameras on the interstate as well as instrumentation that’s helps us monitor traffic speeds as well,” Phillips said.

The hundreds of cameras on Alabama roads are watching for crashes— stalled vehicles and anything that may impact holiday travel. 

“It provides an invaluable resource for getting information not only to the public, but first responders and other partners who helps us,” Phillips said.

During 2017’s Thanksgiving holiday travel period, troopers worked six traffic deaths. 

“There’s going to be a lot of travel through the state, so we need people to exercise patience, and caution, and the main thing is to be 100 percent focused on the task of driving,” said Cpl. Jess Thornton with Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

Trooper Thornton says all available troopers will be on the road. 

“We’ll obviously be out there to assistance the public, we’re also going to be looking for those violations that cause crashes,” Thornton said.


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