Here Are The Best Gaming Desktop And Laptop Deals Right Now (In The US)

We hate to admit it, but now is not the ideal time to build a gaming PC. The biggest reason why is because cryptocurrency mining has driven up the price of graphics cards, and that’s assuming you can even find the card you want in stock. Most mid-range and high-end graphics cards are selling for much higher than MSRP, some of them going for twice or even triple what they should be.

Memory prices are trending higher these days as well. Take for example this 16GB kit of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3000 RAM. It sells for $205 today, versus around half that much a year ago. And for a period of time in 2016, this exact same kit sold for $70.

It sounds like a bunch of sour grapes, but if you want to turn those grapes into wine, take a look at the prebuilt market. System builders have the advantage of being able to buy parts in bulk, and they also seem immune to the outrageous markups on GPUs. As such, there are some tremendous deals out there, on both desktops and gaming laptops.

We took it upon ourselves to round up some of the best bargains in each category. Rather than select a bunch of deals at random, we focused on finding compelling options at different performance tiers. So, whether you are looking for a serviceable gaming setup that costs less than $700 or have twice as much cash to throw at a more powerful configuration, you’ll find it here. Let’s get started!


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