Govt to fast-track Cathedral rebuild


The government will introduce urgent legislation this week to assist with the rebuild of the Christchurch Cathedral.

Christchurch cathedral.

Christchurch cathedral.
Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

The cathedral was largely destroyed by the Christchurch earthquakes almost seven years ago, and has sat fenced off and propped up by metal supports in the city centre ever since.

Three months ago the Anglican Synod voted to repair the building.

The government has announced it will shortly introduce legislation creating a reinstatement trust and a project management company, and allowing resource consent to be fast-tracked.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said urgency was needed because the cathedral’s current state is holding back central-city development.

“For the last seven years this cathedral has represented the recovery but it has also held back the recovery and redevelopment of the central city.

“And so, progress on this is critical.”

The rebuild is expected to cost $108 million.



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