Google makes it easier to keep track of travel research

Further, while Google already announced it would be helping users determine whether flights they find during Thanksgiving are decently priced, it will now expand that tool to Christmas and New Year’s travel times as well. When you find a flight, Google will tell you whether the price is higher, lower or typical for that period based on historical data, and will say whether that price is likely to drop or increase in the next five days. This feature will be available worldwide in the coming weeks.

Lastly, Google is rolling out hotel location scores, which will provide summaries of the area around a given hotel like whether bars, landmarks or transportation are close by. The feature will also help you figure out how to travel to and from the airport.

These updates are part of Google’s continued expansion of its travel tools. In recent months, Google has also introduced the ability to book hotels and flights right in Search and made it easier to find deals in Flights.

Image: Google


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