Global Learning Academy students learn culture through ancient art

Global Learning Academy students learn culture through ancient art. (Source: WEAR-TV)

This Fall, WEAR along with Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram are “Paying it Forward” to education.

Teachers submit their creative ideas to win $500 for their classrooms.

This week we introduce you to a teacher teaching an ancient art to her students.

Lisa Discepolo’s art room at Global Learning Academy is filled with culture from South America. From dresses, tapestries, to even the music.

Discepolo wanted to teach her 4th grade students not only art, but Peruvian culture and even math at the same time.

That’s why she is teaching them how the ancient art of weaving on a loom. She said, “First they learn to weave. The math portion comes in when they’ve mastered the weaving, They go back and create their own patterns.”

She started by teaching the students how to do basic weaves. Now they are recreating inca designs with number patterns, and color and texture patterns in charts.

The weaving is complex as they create beautiful and colorful textiles. 4th grader, Elyse Yanez has made a tapestry with her family members favorite colors.

She said, “I learned you can be very creative with it. Different colors and patterns…I always did yellow because that is my moms favorite color.”

Discepolo is able to due this thanks to Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. They gave her $500 to “Pay it Forward” to her classroom.

Discepolo said she spent the money on looms and yarn. She said “That’s going to last us years and years, forever. “

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The students are already winning awards on their work but Discepolo said the biggest reward is watching how much the students have grown.

“The discipine to stick with something long term. This isn’t a short term project, it takes weeks and weeks to come up with before seeing results.”


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