GEA Summit transforms gaming industry trade show

Gaming Industry Trade Show Goes “Lightweight” And Casual

Manila:  The gaming industry trade show is headed for a re-invention with the inaugural launch of the GEA Summit, a one-of-a-kind small-sized and “lightweight” buyer-seller meeting, where GEA SUMMIT TRANSFORMS GAMING INDUSTRY TRADE SHOWtwo parties of the market – the supply and demand, gather in a fun and intimate setting to view the latest products technology and the industry and getting feedbacks for improvement.

The GEA Summit, co-organized by Phil-Asia Gaming Expo (PAGE) held at Cove Manila on November 14th 2018 garnered a huge response as more than 2,500 guests from all sectors of the industry flocked to the Summit to present and inspect the latest and hottest products in the industry. Among the 2,500 guests, 300 of them are B2C (Business-to-commerce) VIPs such as owners and C-level executives with clear purchasing power, generating a genuine and positive return on investment for sellers (sponsors) who participated in the event.

The event also broke away from the traditional gaming trade show archetype, where the sponsors only need to bring computers and commercial staffing to exhibit their products and technology without having to do booth design, set-up and long-time preparation, making it a hassle-free experience.

GEA Summit is the first trade show that combined social mingling and exhibition together. Locally- renowned DJs were invited to spin music for guests, accompanied by live band and enticing ladies who performed sultry, hot dances to lift the moods of the event. In addition to that, the organizers also invited European models to showcase Victoria’s Secret-style runway show to the amusement of many guests.

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