Gaming startup FaceIt explains why the world’s next star athlete will be a gamer


This interview is part of our series of Growth Stories. We interviewed the founders and CEOs of 20 of the fastest growing startups in Europe. We asked them about their companies, their companies’ culture, and their lives, trying to understand how these three factors played a role in the achievement of such impressive growth.

Esports are booming and we know itFaceIt is a leading esports platform that hosts online competitive tournaments. Contestants square off on video-games like Dota 2, CS: GO, and Rocket League.

The platform caters to any level of players, from amateur participants to professional heavyweights. The latter are the much-discussed people that pay the bills playing video-games and who – in the near future – might be the next Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo.

That’s one scenario Youtube believes in. Last March, the video-sharing behemoth signed a multi-year deal to stream FaceIt’s competitive gaming league, the Esports Championship Series (ECS).

FaceIt is one of the fastest-growing UK startups but the founder and CEO is the Italian Niccolo Maisto. To find out more about such staggering growth, I reached out to my fellow countryman.

“If you want to have a glimpse of the future, look at gaming. Usually, the industry tends to be a precursor of more mainstream trends”, starts Niccolo with an Italian accent as thick as mine. 

But before we get to the future, I want to have a look at the past and understand how FaceIt made its way to eight million users.