From the Louvre to avocados: this week’s fashion trends

Going up

Blue The colour of APlanApplication, the new, very chic, non-seasonal label from artist Anna Blessmann.

Members Only jackets Worn by Chris Pine in Wonder Woman 1984. Get yours now, men.

Meghan Duchess of Sussex in Givenchy and the Queen wearing a lime jacket and hat

Meghan and the Queen demonstrate how to do Givenchy and lime. Photograph: Rex/Shutterstock

Givenchy and lime Not a summer drink, rather what Meghan Markle and the Queen wear, respectively, when out together.

Melt Love Island patois for “idiot”. Perfect cuss.

The pyramid at the Louvre

Follow the Carters to the Louvre. Photograph: Alamy

The Louvre A must when visiting Paris, especially with the Carters’ endorsement. Take your tour of the museum in the video for their new single, Apeshit.

Leopardprint skirts Whether it comes from Réalisation Par now or M&S later this year is up to you.

Going down


Forget vajazzling – it’s your bum cheeks that should be glittery now. Photograph: Getty Images

Vajazzling Decorating has turned to posteriors – Primark is even selling glitter gems for bum cheeks. No, we don’t know how you apply bum glitter either.

Avocado print From bikinis to sportswear, cherries are fashion’s new go-to fruit.

Washing your hair every day Alexander Wang does his every two weeks. And his mane is hair goals, so…

Millennial pink Totally over, obvs, but the name has also been usurped. That mid-pink should now be referred to as “worm”.

Graham Norton

Leave Riri alone Graham! Photograph: Getty Images

Graham Norton For calling out Rihanna’s wine glass habit. Don’t stop, Riri!

Terra firma We’re all about houseboats after seeing Laurence Dacade’s très chic bateau.


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