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Going Up

Coasting Algae, seaweed, samphire – the best skincare can be found at high tide. Salty.

Lettuce sea slug

Lettuce sea slug. Photograph: Getty Images

TV sisters Sansa and Arya; Fleabag and Claire; Margaret and the Queen; 2019 is the year of la soeur.

Citrus dressing From lime green to grapefruit pink – this season’s pastel. See SS19 at Halpern and Tommy Hilfiger.

£4 striped socks And more, at Patrick Grant’s Community Clothing. Social enterprise done very stylishly.

Mega specs Noomi Rapace’s early 1970s giant glasses in Stockholm are weirdly flattering.

Going down

Expensive hair How does Pep Guardiola’s grade one head shave look so expensive when there’s nothing there?

Parkas It’s all about the Barbour RN, buoyed by collabs with Margaret Howell and Alexa Chung.

Hats off to Rapper Layzie Bone.

Hats off to Rapper Layzie Bone. Photograph: Getty Images

Jet setters The Swedes have a word for shame associated with the environmental impact of plane travel: “flygskam”.

Bucket hats Rappers including Jay Rock and A$AP Ferg opted for the unlikely at Coachella – sensible straw hats.

Red lips Go green, à la Rihanna on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar US’s May beauty issue.



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