Fortnite’s sexiest gamer REVEALED: Sizzling Instagram star has ARMY of fans


Whether it’s sizzling in eye-popping selfies on Instagram or recording herself playing Fortnite, Charlotte is building an army of fans.

Practising with her professional gamer boyfriend, she’s becoming quite the Fortnite aficionado – winning more and more rounds.

The blonde bombshell has made headlines for other reasons however, as she looks to push the boundaries of YouTube.

She recently got naked as part of a Fortnite stripping challenge.

For every kill her gamer friend RiceGum racked up, she would remove an item of clothing on camera.

fortnite gamer girl charlotte parkes


FORTNITE: Gamer girl Charlotte Parkes sizzles in hot Instagram selfies

fortnite sexiest gamer charlotte parkes

POSER: Charlotte has amassed an army of fans on Instagram

After he won the round, she ended up completely nude – much to the love of YouTube viewers.

She also posed in a bikini while playing Fortnite from a jacuzzi.

Taking a leaf out of her Instagram book – she took regular breaks to pose for fans in the sun as her boyfriend took over.

Despite wowing viewers with her sexy attire and unusual backdrop, she also set the record straight in the game.

With a little help from her boyfriend – she managed to overcome 99 other people to win the round.

instagram charlotte parkes bikini pose

GAMER: Blonde bombshell Charlotte is a regular Fortnite player

Charlotte is entering a tough market however if she wants to adopt the mantle of sexiest Fortnite gamer.

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Video gaming giant Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, has thousands of girl gamers looking to make a name for themselves.

With Fortnite becoming so popular, streamers are dropping other games at an alarming rate for a piece of the pie.

Fortnite is regularly the most heavily-streamed game on Twitch and more popular players can easily rack in millions in salary per annum.

charlotte parkes bikini

DEDICATED: Charlotte even took her Fortnite addiction into the hot tub

Numerous Twitch streamers have “Top Donations” lists, which up until recently had the actual figures they earned on public display.

More popular female gamers are regularly gifted tens of thousands in single donations.

The industry has however been marred by a controversy recently – with many claiming it allows blatant sexualisation of content in a bid to make money.

Having already made strides to tidy up its rules including banning revealing clothing and sexual content, Twitch could be changing the streaming scene very soon.




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