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New footage has emerged of the moment Christchurch mosque attacks suspect Brenton Tarrant was arrested.

The 12-second video starts by showing Tarrant’s car crashed onto the kerbside, flanked by a police car.

As the camera pans to the left, three police officers can be seen standing above the suspected shooter who lies on the footpath, and an officer drags him towards a second police car.

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media_cameraTwo police officers apprehend Brenton Tarrant after the shootings at two mosques in Christchurch.

Tarrant appears to be wearing dark coloured cargo pants, an ammunition vest and a helmet.

The officer can then be seen rolling Tarrant on to his front, while his hands are handcuffed behind his back.

The camera then pans again and two officers are seen running along the road.

The new footage comes after an earlier video showed two police officers descending on Tarrant’s vehicle.

The officers could be seen pointing their firearms inside the open front passenger door and dragging Tarrant from the car. They then tussle with him on the sidewalk.

Police believe Tarrant is responsible for Friday’s Christchurch massacres — and allege he travelled between two packed mosques and gunned down 49 people.

He was arrested 36 minutes after the initial attack at the Al Noor Mosque.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush said Tarrant did not give himself up willingly when he was found.

Bush listened to live audio of the arrest and said Tarrant was “non compliant”.

He also acknowledged the bravery of the staff who arrested Tarrant, and other frontline officers.

Tarrant, 28, appeared in a Christchurch District Court on Saturday, and has been charged with murder. More charges are likely to be laid.

He was remanded without a plea until his next appearance in the High Court on April 5.

This article was originally published by the New Zealand Herald is republished with permission.

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