Foley has a good reason behind his choice for Angle’s last opponent – Cageside Seats

We know who my main man Geno (and a lot of other people, myself included) doesn’t want it to be. But his fellow Hall of Famer Mick Foley has a vote for who he does want Kurt Angle to face in his last match before retiring after WrestleMania 35.

As he told Sky Sports:

“I’d like to see him wrestle Drew McIntyre. Drew beat him with his own finishing hold. Kurt’s a man of tremendous pride. He’s the most competitive person I’ve ever met and I think the two of them would both rise to the occasion. It would be the biggest match of Drew’s career, and Kurt Angle is not going to go home with anything but his best effort.”

My first inclination was to have Angle face John Cena, both for the symmetry my boss wrote about, and because it would mean one less match on a marathon April 7 night. But as someone who really liked the story Raw told when McIntyre beat Angle last year, I love Foley’s idea, as well.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for hopes of Cena/Angle), WWE seems to be setting up the Scot vs. Roman Reigns. And Mick’s booking would require creative to call back to something that happened way back in November of 2018 (not to mention address months of things which happened as if Kurt never tapped out to Drew), so… I’m not holding my breath.


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