Fit in or get out: Anwar (Updated)

SHAH ALAM: Newly installed PKR party president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has made it clear he will not tolerate dissension and bad discipline among party members.

“You either accept party discipline or we kick you out,” Anwar said in his inaugural speech as the PKR president at the party’s national congress here today.

He said that while PKR adheres to the values of a democracy and different views are acceptable, condemnation of the party and its leaders and ulterior motives, are unacceptable.

“I’m a democrat … You can oppose viewpoints inside the party, but if you’re shouting outside the party, you will be kicked out,” he said without mincing his words.

“Don’t spread untruths and lies! Don’t condemn your leaders!” he thundered, adding that anyone who divides the party, does not deserve to be in the party.

“I want discipline. I want a tight circle of unity in the party. Don’t give anyone outside space to break us up,” said Anwar who vowed to solve the disciplinary problem within the party.

Anwar added that he was not concerned if members or top leaders disagree with his firm stance as party discipline is more important.

Addressing allegations that he was weak and not intervened over problems that manifested during the recent party elections, Anwar said he could not act earlier because he had not assumed the role of leader yet.

“They accused me of being weak when I did not do anything about the electoral process, but how could I go and interfere with central election committee (JPP)? They are supposed to be independent and function without interference from leaders,” he said.

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“Now I will interfere and find out what happened as the elections are over,” he said.

“If there are party leaders who won because of bribes or giving out projects, they are not fit to be members. Usually, when they get big posts, they forget those who sacrificed to get them there,” he said.

Meanwhile in calling on all members to support re-elected party deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, Anwar said defeated deputy presidential candidate Rafizi Ramli should also be given a position in the top leadership because of his contributions to the party in the run up to 14th General Election.

“Who can deny both their contributions? Like it or not, we must support both of them. We can say one is better than the other, but condemning them, that’s not ok,” he said.

“Look at Rafizi’s record in Invoke and his expose’s on Barisan Nasional-Umno scandals. We should bring him into the top leadership,” he said.

“The majority picked Azmin, so, we should fully support him. This should not be only in the central committee but also across the states,” Anwar added.


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