First Multiplex Cinema to Open in Rabat August 15

First Multiplex Cinema to Open in Rabat August 15

Rabat- Cinema Le Colisee has made a comeback as “Cineatlas” and will open its doors to movie lovers on August 15.

Closed for 16 years, one of the first cinemas in the capital city will open as Cineatlas Rabat Colisee equipped with the latest technology, from high dynamic range (HDR) to 3D technology.

Located on Avenue Mohammed V, Cineatlas will be the first multiplex cinema in Rabat with four screens and 330 seats per theater, including those for people with special needs.

The cinema will feature national and international films for all age categories with ticket prices ranging from MAD 65 to MAD 45 for students.

For its commercial opening on August 15, Cineatlas will feature the new action/adventure movie “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” and the thriller/mystery film “Ocean’s 8.”

The inauguration ceremony will take place September 1-4 and will showcase live performances and shows.

Children are also at the center of the cinema’s attention. Cineatlas will organize events with schools to introduce children to the world of cinema and allow them to engage in debates and discussions about films suitable for their age category.

According to Cineatlas’s CEO, Pierre-Francois Bernet, the budget for the cinema’s construction was MAD 11 million. The Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM) donated 30 percent of the cost, amounting to MAD 3.5 million.

The company plans to establish a second cinema in Agadir along Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast, as well as in a Francophone country in Africa.

Other popular cinemas in Rabat include Renaissance Cinema, Royal Cinema, and the 7th Art Cinema.

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