Fiery hearings, Trump in Europe and kids in Congress: This week in politics, GIF’d

President Donald Trump represented the US at a NATO summit in Belgium. And while Trump’s comments to and about his international allies were the main event, this balloon dancer was certainly not a bad warmup act. It’s what I imagine would happen if the movie “Up” were ever brought to the stage.
The Trumps left Belgium for the UK, where first lady Melania Trump took part in some lawn bowling. In high heels. Don’t get any ideas about wearing stilettos to your next outdoor wedding though. Mrs. Trump has some uncanny superpower that allows her to keep from sinking. Not all heroes wear capes.
Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, there were children! In showbiz, they say to never work with children or animals. But Congress is kind of a natural habitat for both children and animals, and when they show up, it makes everything a lot cuter. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer welcomed this moppet to an event about health care.
Not to be out-cuted, Sen. Tammy Duckworth’s well-behaved baby Maile made a public appearance at a Democratic women’s event on reproductive health. If she ever runs for Congress, I hope she uses #BornToRun for her campaign, because she is putting in some serious hours with Mom on the Hill.
Did FBI agent Peter Strzok realize that after taking the oath in front of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees, he’d be settling in for nearly 10 hours? I hope so. Because, in what was Capitol Hill’s event of the week, that’s what happened.


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