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FCUK is back. Hot on the nostalgic heels of Fila, Champion, Kappa and Kangol is French Connection’s attention-grabbing logo from the nineties.

The controversial acronym, which actually stands for French Connection United Kingdom, was created by advertising executive Trevor Beattie for a marketing campaign in 1997 after he noticed the acronym was being used internally by staff.

The posters, which read “FCUK fashion”, received complaints from the Advertising Standard Authority, MPs and even the Church of England.

Despite the backlash, the anagram of the f-word became the coolest slogan in the wardrobes of nineties kids up and down the country, and appeared on t-shirts, hoodies and hats. 

FCUK x Urban Outfitters (Clinton Colbert/Urban Outfitters)

As with many trends, the slogan became overused and lost street cred. Consequently, the infamous logo was dropped by the brand in 2005.

As yet more proof that nineties fashion is here to stay, the shorthand is making a comeback in 2019. This month French Connection launched an exclusive unisex capsule collection with US Urban Outfitters. The mini range features all the old school FCUK classics, from tees and hoodies to sweatshirts. Prices range from $39.99 (£30) to $129 (£98). 

To coincide with the collaboration, FCUK has created its own verified @FCUK Instagram account, which already shows cool kids on the ‘gram repping the gear again. 

Although the FCUK x Urban Outfitters collaboration isn’t available in the UK, a quick search on the British French Connection ecommerce site shows several new FCUK tee designs up for purchase. Featuring slogans like “FCUK Em All” and “FCUK Plastic”, the merch retails at £25.

FCUK Block Slogan T-shirt, £25 (French Connection )

Welcome back FCUK. Next up Kookai? 


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