Far-right French politician Marion Marechal-Le Pen condemns Muslim immigration in CPAC speech


Far-right French politician Marion Marechal-Le Pen railed against Muslim immigration during a speech Thursday at a major gathering of conservatives near Washington, D.C.

The 28-year-old niece of National Front leader Marine Le Pen spoke at the CPAC event in National Harbor, Maryland, after Vice President Mike Pence. President Donald Trump’s former strategist Steve Bannon once praised her as a “rising star” and she is considered to be more hardline than her aunt on immigration and Islam.

In her remarks Thursday, Marechal-Le Pen said she is not offended by President Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda and she railed against Muslim immigration and “the development of an Islamic counter-society in France.”

“After 40 years of massive immigration, Islamic lobbies and political correctness, France is in the process of passing from the eldest daughter of the Catholic Church to the little niece of Islam, and the terrorism is only the tip of the iceberg,” Marechal-Le Pen said.

Image: Marion Marechal-Le Pen speaks at the CPAC conference held in National Harbor, Maryland

Marion Marechal-Le Pen, niece of right-wing populist French politician Marine Le Pen, speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at National Harbor on February 22, 2018 in Maryland.